Individual retreats

in every season in unspoiled nature

According to the alchemical process developed by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

Let love guide your soul.
Create a place for it
to retire,
a kind of monastery cave,
a retreat
for the deepest core of your being.

Fariduddin Attar

Individual retreats on Cala Jami

The individual retreat is for those who already have experience in the spirit work. The retreatant retreats to nature, goes into silence and meditates. It is a unique opportunity for inner liberation and ultimately maturation and development of the personality. Ideally, in the retreat process you go through the phases of dissolution (awakening beyond the world) and rebirth (awakening in the world). A retreat guide is available by request to support the process in a healthy direction. Those who are experienced and who want to follow the inner guidance can go on individual retreat at Cala Jami without a personal retreat guide.

Our retreat guides have undergone many years of training in the Esoteric School of the Inayati Order (previously International Sufi Order) and are especially trained in intuition. The retreat guide every day meditates with each retreatant individually for some time and recommends personal exercises that are tuned to one’s inner being. In this way you will be guided through the retreat, around the cliffs of daydreaming and melancholy, and move forward considerably along the path of your soul.

Ideally, the retreat will give you fresh energy and new inspiration for your regular spiritual practice at home. New perspectives, qualities and possibilities can open up in your life.


In 2020, there will be several weeks of individual silent retreat, in June, July, September and October. In those weeks Cala Jami will be more quiet, the atmosphere will be tuned in to retreat. In those three weeks a daily morning meditation sessions will be offered, led by Roshan, as well as several evening gatherings with attunements through music, poetry, mantric prayers and silence. Roshan will be available as a retreat guide, sitting daily face-to-face with each retreatant. Cala Jami won’t be crowded during the retreat weeks as Roshan usually doesn’t guide more than four retreatants at a time, in order to have enough time for each one’s needs.

Also in other periods of the year it is possible to go on individual retreat at Cala Jami. Thoughout much of the year, Roshan is available as a retreat guide. She usually offers daily guided meditation on Cala Jami. When there are retreatants, the content of the meditation is related to the retreat process. Plus, there are weekly evening Sufi gatherings (‘Sema’) on Cala Jami open to everyone.

In certain weeks, other retreat guides are available on Cala Jami, e.g. Akbar Appels during the group retreat ‘The Eternal Now’ in September, Fatimabi Monika Grieger during the event ‘Whirling in the Light of Unity’ in the beginning of October, and Faz’l Hermann Stein during the group retreat ‘The Divine Presence’, also  in October.

Roshan, Sufi Earth Spirit Sardinia, retratguide and Sufi meditation teacherRoshan, founder of Cala Jami and current president of SUFI EARTH SPIRIT, teaches meditation classes since more than 30 years. As a young woman she studied meditation for ten years under the guidance of an Indian master, then on the Sufi path, enjoying the teachings of Pir Vilayat and Pir Zia Inayat Khan, Munir Voss, Safi Nidiaye and others. She is representative and retreat guide in the Inayati Order, the Sufi path of spiritual liberty. Roshan practises the “Keys to the Heart” method developed by Safi Nidiaye, a stupendously simple and effective way of releasing banished emotions.
For many years she lived a very simple life in the unspoiled nature of Sardinia, formerly as a goatherd, organic gardener and mother. Today she still is deeply in love with Sardinia and its unspoiled nature.
“The most meaningful experiences of my life were during Sufi retreats in nature. Retreat and nature – a perfect couple.”

Feedback – individual retreat on Cala Jami with Roshan

“Through Roshans caring, loving and sincere way, I felt well accompanied in the retreat process. With her knowledge of Sufism and her familiarity with the keys to the heart method created by Safi Nidiaye, Roshan supported me in a wonderful way on my inner journey and helped me to take a step further in transforming my negative patterns. The powerful, unspoiled nature in and around Cala Jami with its very special places is a true source of regeneration and strength. The silence, the light, the sea, the rocks, the vegetation, the hours spent outdoors in nature made the retreat on Cala Jami a special experience. In the end I was full of energy, ready for the challenges of everyday life and wishing to return to Sardinia soon.”

Hakim Eberhard, Hohenstein (Swabian Alb)

Yin energy

Contribution for individual guidance on retreat: 25 € for each session with Roshan.
Other retreat guides might ask a different contribution.
Contribution during our ‘Weeks of Individual Retreat’ in April, June and October: 150,- €, with or without individual sessions with Roshan.

Full board: high quality, vegetarian, snacks and beverage included, Euro 30,- / 35, – per day.
Accommodation: Euro 15,00 to 45,00 per day and person, depending on type of accommodation and if used as single or double. Available: tent (standard size or bigger ones), caravan, wooden cabin, comfortable room (standard size or bigger ones).

Please organize your journey to Sardinia yourself. Next airport and train station is Olbia, next harbors Olbia and Golfo Aranci. Other airports in Sardinia: Alghero and Cagliari. Other harbors: Porto Torres and Cagliari.

Pick up at the airport, train station or harbor of Olbia or Golfo Aranci: Euro 15,00 per person / Euro 10,00 if more than one person per ride. You can choose to take the bus instead, we will provide more details when you register.

You wish to register or have a question? Please contact Roshan. Just use our contact form:

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