Circle of Friends Cala Jami

Cala Jami was originally created by the initiative and commitment of Roshan and Gerhard Malik.
A few more friends quickly joined, whose support enabled the project to be realized and to flourish.

Over time, more and more beautiful people came here, each one leaving some of the scent of his or her unique being and thus contributing to Cala Jami.

Some of them, however, promoted or still promote the project in a particularly special way, whether through repeated and concrete physical help, e.g. in constructing and gardening, through generous donation(s) or loans, whether by holding several wonderful events on Cala Jami, or simply by coming back to us time and again, bringing friends and family and thus showing their deep connection to Cala Jami.
Here are pictures and names of most of these close friends and sponsors.

A heartfelt ‘Thank you’ to all of you!

Our story continues.