Each donation supports our work and contributes to the realization of our vision!

If you wish to donate, any sum is welcome. these are our bank details:

ACCOUNT HOLDER: Sufi Earth Spirit
STREET: Via Paluneddu N. 1 – POSTAL CODE: 07026 – TOWN: San Pantaleo / Olbia – PROVINCE: Sassari –  COUNTRY: Italy

BANK: Banca Etica, Sassari (Italy)

IBAN: IT11Z0501817200000017008962
Please note: new BIC since August 2022: ETICIT22XXX

As reason for transfer please enter ‘donation for Sufi community’ + ‘your name’ + ‘full postal address’, the latter is required for legal reasons.
If you prefer your donation to be used for a purpose of you choice, just name the purpose, e.g. ‘donation for installation of solar pannels’, ‘donation to allow young people / people with low income a sojourn in the Sufi center’, ‘donation for printing and other means of spreading the Sufi message’.
If you don’t specify, the board will decide how to use your donation in the best way.
If you add your email address (e.g., we will be able to thank you for your donation.