As a venue, we were completely paralyzed by the Corona lockdown from the beginning of March to the beginning of June 2020. Since mid-June there are again visitors and retreatants, but significantly less than in the other years. Three planned seminars were canceled by the seminar teachers.
Although many are not afraid of the Corona virus, due to the Corona restrictions and shutdowns travelling has become more challenging or has even been hampered.

In addition, Roshan and Lena usually work as tour guides in Sardinia in spring and autumn. This income has been completely broken away.

However, in Cala Jami there are many expenses – running costs such as loan payments for house construction, electricity and gas, purchases such as equipment, tools and materials, e.g. for the new meditation space we’ll build with wood and reed, replacement for broken parts e.g. storm-damaged windows in the caravan, and much more.

How to support us

If you appreciate our work and want to help us persevere, you can:

  • recommend us to others.
  • come to visit us. It is particularly quiet here this year and we have more time and energy for visitors than usual.
  • go on retreat here in the magnificent nature.
  • participate in an event.
  • support us financially. Every amount helps!

Roshan Priese’s bank details:

Account holder: Sigrun Priese
Town: Augsburg (Germany)
Bank: Stadtsparkasse Augsburg
IBAN: DE62720500000002687135

As a reason for transfer, please enter ‘Assistance in times of Corona’ and your name.

If we have your email address, we can thank you for your help.
The easiest way is to subscribe to our newsletter. Besides enabling us to express our gratitude you will also receive news from Cala Jami about 3 times a year.