Are visits and retreats possible in Sardinia? How about the events?

Updated on October 14, 2020

Until this summer, Sardinia had the least COV-19-cases of all Italy. There were weeks without any new cases.
Now – as a bit everywhere – due to extreme testing, there are more reports about positive Covid tests – mainly with people who show no symptoms, which are in the perceptual possibility of false positive tests (6%), meaning that the people are tested positive although being COV-negative.

Italian government: No more lockdown in Italy

Italian Health Minister Speranza advised to keep calm, there won’t be any reason to panic. In particular, he and other members of the government assured that there would be no second lockdown in Italy. Speranza pointed out that the average age of those tested as positive had fallen to 30 years in August. Many didn’t /don’t need any treatment (Italian daily ‘Il Fatto Quotidiano’, 23.8.2020)

Visitors welcome, retreats take place

Our meditation center is situated in nature. There are no big groups of people gathering – especially not this year. Visitors are welcome. A quite large community of beautiful peolpe has been here since the beginning of September. Retreats are possible and take place.

Freedom to travel

Travelling to Sardinia without restrictions is possible from many countries of the European Union and Schengen states. Your temperature might be measured, it must not be above 37,5 Celsius / 99,5 Fahrenheit.

For a few days in the middle of September, Sardinia had begun to ask for a negative COV-test if you entered the island. Some retreatants who arrived just then actually made a test before departure. But none of them were asked to show the test result.
Actually, the Italian government canceled that restriction immediately, defining it as illegal and against the Italian constitution.

A negative COV-test ist required when entering Sardinia if you depart from one of the following countries in Europe:
Croatia, Greece, Malta, Spanien, since Oct. 6 also Belgium, Netherlands, UK and Czech Republik.
On Oct. 12, Switzerland included three Italian regions – among those also Sardinia – in their list of areas that require a 10-days-quarantine if you have departed from there.

From othe ther European countries as well as from some extra-European countries, at the moment there are no restrictions when entering or leaving Sardinia. You only need to fill in an online form beforehand. Here is the link for registration (incuding a list of the countries without and with restrictions regarding travelling to Sardinia):

The registration includes some general information about you and your stay on the island and about your health state (“epidemiological survey”). You can register in English.
We recommend that you register not earlier than 48 hours before the trip, because at that point you’ll be able to also fill in the epidemiological survey. After having done this, click on “Submit”. A page will open, select the English language again, then click on “Download PDF”. This PDF includes your registration ID and a QR code. You will also receive it via email. Print it out or upload it onto your mobile phone and show it at the airport or port.
In case you begin to register earlier than 48 hours before your journey, the prodecure will consist in two steps. The second step – the epidemiological survey –  will be possible only 48 hours before your departure or later.

Simple tests

If you want to be tested for whatever reason anyway, you can do this for only 10,- € (the quick test simply using saliva) at quite some Italian airports, such e.g. at Pisa Airport, near the Livorno harbor. You don´t even need a flight ticket to take the test there. It´s easy to do and the less stressful method to test. Those simple tests should be available almost everywhere soon.

Customer-friendly conditions

Many ferry companies and airlines offer customer-friendly cancellation and rebooking conditions this year. You can usually change the travel date without problems, even a few hours before departure. However, when booking your trip (airfare, train or ferry ticket), travel insurance could be a good idea, in odd times like ours.

On the island

There are no restrictions regarding mobility on the island. Shops, cafeterias, restaurants, museums, churches and so on are open almost everywhere. Events are permitted with a limitation of 200 particiants in closed spaces and 1000 in open air.
Inside non-private buildings and in public service vehicles you are supposed to wear a face mask. The Italian government has recently imposed to wear a mask also in open air, whereever the required distance of 1 m can not be guaranteed. Obviously, when walking in nature or being at the beach you don’t need a mask, especially now that the beaches aren’t crowded any more. Actually, just yesterday I saw even policemen and airport employees without mask. When you talk to people, you understand that most of them are unhappy with the situation and regard the ongoing restrictions as exaggerated and counterproduktive.

At Cala Jami we breathe freely, as all spiritual paths teach us. If you want to wear a mask you may do so, but don’t expect it from others.

What about the events? What about my deposit?

From our side, we do not cancel events and practice to be flexible with the situation.

So if a seminar guide will cancel an event due to Corona, or you as a participant or visitor decide to rather not come due to Corona – especially in  case of new and unexpected restrictions – then you may choose among the following options in case you already sent us a deposit:

  • 100% refund
  • a voucher for a future visit.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Sardinia

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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