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Are visits and retreats at Cala Jami possible?
Will the events scheduled for 2020 take place?

Information on freedom to travel and meet in 2020 and the current entry conditions in Sardinia

Updated on August 24, 2020

Until recently, 2020 Sardinia was the Italian region with the relatively lowest number of Covid-19 sick. There were weeks without any new cases.
The tourist season in Sardinia started again at the beginning of June, after the re-opening of the Italian border. Before entering the island, everyone had to confirm that they had no symptoms nor recent contact with ill people.

Recently, free-to-air test stations have been installed at airports and ports, and now there seem to be the first positively tested holiday returnees. However, as far as we know, in summer there were no tourists or Sardinians with serious symptoms of the disease on the island. This means that travelers without symptoms may have brought the virus to the practically Covid-free island and took it back to the mainland. Recently, some Sardinians have also been tested as positive. Most of them have been working with tourists and have no symptoms of the disease.

Italian government: There will be no more lockdown in Italy

The Italian daily ‘Il Fatto Quotidiano’ points out on 23.8.2020 that there have been 1,071 positive test results in the last 24 hrs, which corresponds to the level of 12 May, but that actually significantly more tests are being carried out than in May. A lot of people who have no symptoms are being tested. This is another reason why the number of positive test results is again increasing. Intensive care units are far from being full. In an interview with ‘Il Fatto Quotidiano’, Italian Health Minister Speranza advised to keep calm, there won’t be any reason to panic. In particular, he and other members of the government assured that there would be no second lockdown in Italy. Speranza pointed out that the average age of those infected has fallen to 30 years in the last week. The Health Minister added: “This means that many do not even need treatment. And indeed, there is no hospital emergency imminent. The intensive care units are far from the risk of overcrowding.”

Visiting us is possible and retreats take place

Our meditation center is situated in nature. There are no big groups of people gathering – especially not this year.
For all these reasons visits and retreats are possible and the events not yet cancelled will take place.

Retreats in particular aren’t any problem. Keeping a certain distance is actually a characteristic of individual retreats.

Freedom to travel

Travelling to Sardinia without restrictions like self-quarantine is possible from the European Union and Schengen states, including Great Britain.  Your temperature might be measured, it must not be above 37,5 Celsius / 99,5 Fahrenheit.

Before arriving in Sardinia

Before your journey you need to register via online form on the official site of the ‘Regione Sardegna’, the Sardinian government, giving some general information about you and your stay on the island and about your health state. You can do that in English.
We recommend that you register not earlier than 48 hours before the trip, because at that point you’ll be able to also fill in the usual epidemiological survey. After having done this, click on “Submit”. A page will open, select the English language again, then click on “Download PDF”. This PDF includes your registration ID and a QR code. You will also receive it via email. Print it out or upload it onto your mobile phone and show it at the airport or port.
In case you begin to register earlier than 48 hours before your journey, the prodecure will consist in two steps. The second step – the epidemiological survey –  will be possible only 48 hours before your departure.

Current situation and tips

Since the beginning of summer there are many ferries and flights to Sardinia. The ticket prices are not as high any more as they were shortly after the lockdown. Many companies are offering customer-friendly cancellation and rebooking conditions this year. You can usually change the travel date without problems. However, when booking your trip (airfare, train or ferry ticket), travel insurance won’t be a bad idea, in an odd year like this.

There are no restrictions regarding mobility on the island. Shops, cafeterias, restaurants, museums, churches and so on are open.
In airplanes, busses, trains, shops and some other places inside buildings you need to wear a face mask.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Sardinia

Since the end of the lockdown, volunteers, visitors and retreatants are returning to our center. Although the number of people has decreased, the quality of their experience has rather increased. We have more time for everyone this year. Also for our vegetable garden! In addition to a lot of space and tranquility, meditation and nature experience, the best healthy food awaits you with us :-)

We believe there’s no need to feel unsettled. We should continue to do what is good for us and what does not endanger others. After all, happyness and revitalisation through meditation and unspoiled nature strengthen our immune system :-)

And if there were to be greater restrictions again?

In the unexpected case that new restrictions should prevent you from travelling or our events from taking place: those who have remitted a deposit would be free to choose between the refund and the option to use the deposit for a subsequent event or visit.

In case an event does not take place we would announce it on our website (see “Events“) and contact those who have already registered.

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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