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Are visits and retreats at Cala Jami possible?
Will the events scheduled for 2020 take place?

Reopening borders, return of freedom to travel and meet

Situation June 11, 2020

  • Sardinia seems to be the Italian region with the lowest number of Covid-19 sick. Since quite some days now there haven’t been new cases.
  • At least in Europe, the number of infected persons in general is decreasing, in many countries the restrictions have been loosened.
  • In our meditation center, there are no huge groups of people gathering – especially this year.

For all these reasons visits and retreats are possible again and the events not yet cancelled will take place.

Retreats in particular aren’t any problem. Keeping a certain distance is actually a characteristic of individual retreats.

  • Restrictions on mobility in Sardinia are completely abolished. Shops, cafeterias, restaurants, museums, churches and so on are open.
  • On June 3, Italy reopened its borders and travelling to and from many states is again possible – including European Union, Schengen states and Great Britain.
  • Sardinia: Since June 3rd you can travel to Sardinia freely without being subject to any quarantine and without the need to present a medical certificate. Your temperature will be measured (must not be above 37,5 Celsius / 99,5 Fahrenheit) and you will fill in a questionnaire upon arrival (some medical questions, your name + address, address in Sardinia where you are bound for) as the administration wants to have an overview of where most turists go. The registration should soon also be possible via app. That app is expected to offer further functions that will be completely optional, also a tracking option. You don’t have to activate these functions.
  • Connections to Sardinia
    Ferries are in operation, the number of flights is increasing. Since the beginning of June there are flights from Rome and Milan, from June 13 onwards also from other Italian airports. There are already now international flights to Italy (Rome, Milan, Naples). From June 25 onwards there’ll be international flights to Sardinia as well, maybe earlier. Many tickets are rather expensive, the Sardinian governor Solinas has assured that he is working on it.
  • Freedom of travelling within the EU as well as from and to Schengen states will be reinstalled on June 15.

However, when booking your trip (airfare, train or ferry ticket), travel insurance is recommended so that cancellation will be potentially possible.

If an event does not take place we announce it on our website (see “Events“) and we’ll contact those who have already registered. Those who have remitted a deposit can choose between the refund and the option to use the deposit for a subsequent event or visit.

Non-binding registration: If you are interested in a visit, event or retreat, you can make a non-binding booking without remitting any deposit, until further notice.

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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