2019 was a beautiful year in the Sufi center in Sardinia.
People from many countries came to visit, to seminars or to go on a silent retreat.
Wonderful seminars took place, among others the Yoga Meditation Week with Siddiq and Saroj from Freiburg, the meditative-philosophical week “Application of Spiritual Healing Methods” with Walter Amin Häge and Roshan, the ecstatic Sufi music workshop with the Persian-Austrian group AHURA, the intensive retreat with Akbar and Latifa from Belgium, the dervish week with Fatimabi from Switzerland, with Sina’s wonderful live music.

Last but not least, great volunteers supported the Sufi Center. Some stayed for several months and even the whole season. This really relieved us, the core of the staff. Now we can look back on 2019 in a relaxed and grateful way.