About the name CALA JAMI

”Cala’ in Sardinia stands for ‘bay’. ‘Jami’ is one of the so-called beautiful names of God and stands for ‘gathering’, ‘congregation’, ‘community’, and the ‘power of reconciliation’.

On that, there is following excerpt from Munir Voss’ book ‘The Names of God’:

‘The one who has manifested the quality of al-Jami, has got the visible character, the ethical principles and the secret truth of the heart united in his being. His outer and inner appearances radiate beauty. The manifestations of all the beautiful names of God are assembled within him. He is capable of unifying the unfamiliar, different and opposing, within and beyond himself. His spirit has the capability of bringing together equal elements, which have one or more qualities in common, and to group them like flowers that become a bouquet. In that way, his magnetism, when growing, will attract more and more people who are grateful to find like-minded people and to strengthen each other. Thereby they create a community. A common purpose exists.’

Cala Jami is a place that can help us to unfold the quality of al-Jami.