In September 2015 the non profit association ‚SUFI EARTH SPIRIT‘ was founded at Cala Jami, mainly as an organizer of spiritual and ecological events, gatherings and workshops at Cala Jami, open to our members and to all those who are interested.

What we do

  • We study and promote Sufi wisdom, contemplative Sufi practices and other practices that facilitate inner growth.
  • We organize meditation gatherings and Sufi meetings with readings, music and poetry as well as workshops with an ecological-spiritual orientation.
  • Following in the footprints of many Sufi teachers, we remain open towards all religions and spiritual traditions and include their inspiration and wisdom in our work.
  • In this age of consumerism and sensory overload we offer Cala Jami as a place for reconnection with unspoiled nature, also with one’s own nature, allowing us to experience the power and beauty of the elements and to re-discover the natural joy of being.
  • We promote a healthy, ecologically sustainable and socially fair life style

Who we are

We are members of the Inayatiyya International, a Sufi Path of Spiritual Liberty, and this is our strongest root.

There are centres of this Sufi order all over the world, in the USA, in Germany, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Turkey, Australia and in other countries.

As the first Inayatiyya centre in Italiy we are happy to enable people to get in touch with the beauty and wisdom of the Sufi message of love, harmony and beauty.

Become a member of the Association SUFI EARTH SPIRIT

As a member you get up-to-date membership information by email at least once a year, you are welcome to the annual general meeting at Cala Jami (usually end of April) and are invited to stay overnight on that occasion, free of charge. Members are also entitled to discounts for events led by Sufi teachers of the Inayatiyya.
If you wish to be part of SUFI EARTH SPIRIT, please read the information above and below as well as our statute, see button.

If you like our objectives, agree with the statute, and wish to become a member of ‘Sufi Earth Spirit’, download the form  ‘Application for membership’ (see download-button below).
The annual membership fee is flexible, you choose your fee yourself, according to your financial situation. Minimum fee required: 35,- €.
Membership is valid for one calendar year and is not renewed automatically. In order to renew your membership you just need to remit the membership fee every year. If your financial situation changes, you are free to choose another fee. If you don’t continue remitting the annual fee, your membership expires automatically.
Details for remittance: see the form ‘Application for membership’ just below.

You can download the form and complete it directly in the PDF-file.

You can send us the completed form as a PDF by mail or through the post. We will then send you a welcome mail confirming your application and your remittance.